No waiting periods

No Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusions

95% of all Massachusetts Dentists enrolled

Never pay a deductable when you receive care from a network dentist

Receive coverage for Out of State Dental visits

Annual Maximum Benefits Benefits $1000.00

MEMBER ONLY: $34.00 per month

FAMILY PLAN: $81.00 per month

If you elect coverage you must remain in the plan for one year. Payroll deduction is NOT available for this plan, you will be directly billed from Cantiani Insurance. New billing option - COUPON BOOKLETS

Open season April 1, 2016 through June 1, 2016......New members to the Local may join the plan within 30 days of joining the local.

New members may join the plan outside of the open season. Please call the union office at 1-800-974-APWU/2798 for more information.



The Central Ma Area Local APWU is offering discounted movie tickets to all members.  Prestige tickets are valid

 for all movies and show times, with no restrictions, and at $8.00* each.   CMAL members will save up to 30%

 off regular box office prices.


 Tickets are valid at Showcase and Multiplex Cinemas as well as Cinemas De Lux, including the following Massachusetts locations: 

Cleveland Circle, Denham, Lawrence 1-6, Lawrence 7 -1 4, Lowell, Revere, Randolph, Woburn, East Field, West Springfield, Blackstone Valley, Worcester North, North Attleboro,  Seekonk - Rte 6 and Seekonk 1 - 10               

To order your tickets see your CMAL Representative or call 508-755-6833 or 1-800-974-APWU (2798)

* Members may purchase up to 20 tickets per year beginning on October 1, 2009 at $7.75 per ticket.  Additional tickets are available at a cost of $8.50 each. 


Memorial Scholarship Application

Applications accepted starting on June 1, 2016 through September 15, 2016.

Print the below application, fill in the blanks and mail.

Memorial Scholarship Application

Name of CMAL Member__________________________

Name of Student_________________________________

School Attending_________________________________

Date of Graduation_______________________________

Completed applications must be mailed to;

CMAL - APWU Scholarship Committee

326 Plantation Street

Worcester, MA 01604

Two Memorial Scholarships each for the sum of $500 are to be awarded at the September membership meeting. One scholarship in the name of Peter J. Grillo and Anthony M. Vincequere and one in the name Arthur MacNeil will be awarded to a member, his/her spouse, son or daughter who will be attending an accredited college or school of higher learning. The member must be in good standing in this local for one year prior to the award.  The scholarship committee consists of the Vice President, Secretary and Editor.

Note: A check for $500 will be forwarded to the recipient after the Treasurer receives a copy of an acceptance notice and/or other appropriate documentation.








The Law Office of Katherine Smith


The Law Office of Katherine Smith will represent CMAL-APWU members before the Merit Systems Protection Board, Equal Opportunity Commission, Office of Personnel Management, Office of Workers Compensation Program and the Employees Compensation Appeals Board at 50% off her established rates. 

Attorney Smith can be contacted by calling 413-221-8822.


For Central MA Area Local APWU members only




Accident Benefit Plan

NOTE: All members of the CMAL are members of the Value Plan.

Accident Benefit Plan: Value Plan/Low option is paid by the Local for all members. Advantage/High Option is at low group rates.

Low option pays $12.00 per day (every member receives this benefit from the local at no cost). High Option pays $24.00 per day.

Call the Union office and request a brochure for high option and spouse option.

Members can receive the high option for an additional $1.34 per pay period. This amount is added to your dues deduction.


 Legal Services

Union Plus APWU Mastercard

Group Short Term Disability Income Insurance Plan

Group Long Term Disability Income Insurance Plan

Group Basic Care Hospital Insurance Plan

Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Group Accidental Life and Dismemberment Plan

The APWU Mortgage Program

Dental Group Insurance Plan

Administered by:

 The Voluntary Benefits Plan

P.O. Box 1471

Waturbury, CT 06721


TDD: 1-203-754-4410

Voluntary Benefits Plan

Posted  August 2, 2007

Disability Income Protection


How would you support yourself and your family if you were out of work because of illness or injury?  There are not many attractive options once the paycheck stops.  Imagine the frustration of being unable to provide for your family.

Did you know that the leading cause for mortgage foreclosure is disability?

 Most of us would not consider living without health insurance.  It will protect us from the medical costs of a serious illness or accident.  Does it make sense to cover the medical costs but not the basic costs such as food and shelter for ourselves and our families?

 If you rely on your income to pay your bills, as most of us do, then you should consider disability insurance. 

You now have available to you Disability Income Protection for which you cannot be turned down.

         Guaranteed Acceptance

         Pre-existing conditions covered after 12 months

         Maternity covered as any other illness

         Pays in addition to sick leave

         Tax-free Disability Income

         24 Hour Protection on or off the job

         Choice of Plans


Coverage starts as low as $ 1.00 a day.

Call direct to Federal Benefits and Retirement Services at (888) 832-2574.  

All plans are available through payroll deduction - Postal Ease (Pin # and ID # needed)


Proud To Be Union Items


APWU Aprons

Regularly $10.00 CMAL Members price $5.00

Bumper Stickers

"PROUD TO BE UNION" with CMAL Logo: Free

CMAL-APWU Logo sticker, 3 1/2 inch round: Free to all members

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